Atelier Rouba Moukadem

a style

that never goes out of style.

After obtaining her first diploma from Veloudakis School Fashion in Athens, Greece, Rouba decides to continue her studies in the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne to further expand her knowledge in tailoring and design. Her years in France enrich her with a great styling and modeling know-how coupled with an eye-opening experience covering three internships at Christian Dior. Armed with the strong techniques of modern craftsmanship and the eager heart of a young designer, Rouba returns to Lebanon in 1995. It is in her hometown, Tripoli, where she decides to pursue her career. 1998 witnesses the opening of her first atelier and two years later a boutique, which hosts her first ready-to-wear line.

from lebanon to the world

since 2001

Since collection one, Rouba’s style stands out, intriguing in its simplicity. In no time, the Lebanese designer distinguishes herself through easy-to-wear yet flawless pieces, meticulous in their little details. Whether day wear or customized evening wear, her collections showcase timeless cuts in a variety of designs, fabrics and colors, carefully selected.

Behind a minimal perfection that is unique to Rouba’s signature, is a woman relentlessly working to fuel other women’s dreams with her passion. Involved in every mold, every design, cut, and accessory, Rouba feels her work, experiments it, and plays with it to create exquisite designs that reflect her impeccable craftsmanship, but also the taste and desires of her clientele. Beyond fabrics, Rouba mainly weaves lifetime relationships with her customers, catering to their every need and occasion through personalized pieces that carry her dedication and her own unique and timeless approach to chic.

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Rouba Moukadem